Management Team

Management Team

East Africa, covering and area of some 1.8 million km2, a population of about 160 million with a growing middle class and a rapidly maturing ICT infrastructure is the perfect breeding ground for ICT based managed services. Therefore BEIN is investing in the managed services sector which has resulted in:

  • the, BEIN Soft, development of a Global Business Support System (G-BSS), which is adoptable to any business environment. Currently in operation as Medical BSS with M-Care;
  • the launch of M-Care, an e/m Managed Medical Services Provider based in Nairobi and a tight co-operation with Adcare, with whom we are developing a strong growth strategy.

BEIN is actively looking for partnerships to boost the provision of managed services and we are open to any serious proposal..


René van Dijk first set foot in Africa, in 1993 as a young engineer and has since a link with Africa. He has amongst other successfully developed several OFC based transmission systems and EMS system for in Tanzania and Rwanda. As one of the founders, René is currently using his network and experience pushing business for BEIN partners with concentration on Power and Telecommunications sector.

Tobias Seda, a Kenyan ICT leader, is the Managing Director of M-Care Kenya as well as CEO of Adcare and M-Care. Tobias

Zvi Shanny, is an Israeli entrepreneur and former Air force Colonel who has lived in Kenya for the last 15 years. A founder and Executive Director specialising in IT, Telecommunications and Security sector. Zvi, is also founder and main shareholder of Kenya based companies M-Care Ltd, Adwest Communications, Adcare, Addor and Adnet.

Murali Pujari is one of the directors at BEIN group. His charter is to expand the footprint of the BEIN group. He is top performing, solutions driven technical expert with 18 years of experience in strategic leadership decisive and results oriented with outstanding negotiations and crisis management skills. He has extensive experience in the IT domain, strong program management and analytical skills.

He brings a plethora of experience to the able with successful global companies like Gapco group, Adwest group,, Aircom, Genesis capital etc..; with specialization in African countries. His Hand-on ability and strategic leadership has led to many result oriented implementations and growth endeavors to be executed. A true professional with resourcefulness and responsibility at its core he has worked with esteemed organizations.